Ink Calendar and Journal

Use Window Ink to plan your month or week just like a paper calendar! Draw and highlight in different colors to plan your day with a pen. Ink Calendar aims to replicate the enjoyable experience of putting an X through each day as it ends and putting a big red circle around important days. Use a pen, mouse, or touch to draw on each month or week.


A quick app to grab any on screen text using OCR via the Windows APIs. Open source on GitHub.


A quick System Tray toggle for keeping your PC screen on. Open source on GitHub.

Simple Icon File Maker

A quick and simple app for making .ico files

Outfit: Outdoor Fitness

Recommended workout outfit for going on a run or a bike ride outside

A Great Start to 2021

I bought Ink calendar after listening to a podcast suggesting salespeople should buy a physical calendar. I didn’t want to do that, but remembered this app existed. I’m really glad I bought. I’ve never been good at using my Google calendar to block out time. Digital calendars seems to limit themselves to appointments and reminders and not for planning. (Not to mention it’s visible to everyone on my team) Ink calendar has given me the versatility of a diary with all the benefits of digital.


Perfect Minimalist Tool!
I absolutely love this tool, it’s minimalist and efficient. In the past whenever I needed to grab text from an image, I’d use onenote’s OCR, this saves me a step :). The only thing that could possibly improve would be if Microsoft baked this functionality into the screenclipping tool!


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